Profhilo IBSA® - A boost of freshness for the body and face

Profhilo IBSA® - A boost of freshness for the body and face


Prevention, regeneration, care – the latest trends in skincare and aesthetic medicine focus on health and balance to achieve more natural results with less invasive techniques. This is where the Profhilo IBSA®face and body biostimulants with hyaluronic acid come into play. To learn more about this treatment, we interviewed Dr Michele Bianchini, MD – the resident specialist in aesthetic medicine at ADLER Spa Resort THERMAE, in Bagno Vignoni.

Dr Bianchini, Profhilo IBSA® is being presented as the cutting edge of dermal biostimulants. But what is it, exactly?

It’s an injectable treatment based on a hyaluronic acid formula with a double molecular weight, which increases its concentration and biocompatibility. It is worth mentioning that hyaluronic acid is a key substance that is naturally produced by our body. It supplies the skin with moisture, keeping it plump and firm, because it can bind large quantities of water. As we age, however, its production gradually decreases. These new biostimulants are designed to restore an optimal concentration of hyaluronic acid in the skin and restart the mechanisms that keep it healthy and vital.

How do biostimulants work?

Profhilo® biostimulants work on a twofold level.

On the one hand, they restore the moisture reserve in the deep skin layers. On the other hand, they also stimulate skin renewal by boosting the production of collagen, elastin and endogenous hyaluronic acid.

Profhilo®treatments give gradual, progressive results. The first effects are visible within a few weeks: the skin regains elasticity, structure and firmness, and looks fresher. After a while, a slight lifting effect sets in – nothing excessive, it looks absolutely natural.

Which body areas can be treated?

Up until now, dermal biostimulants have been used mostly for face rejuvenation. Thanks to the latest formulas, however, the whole body can now reap their benefits as they can be used to treat areas at greater risk of slacking, such as the arms, abdomen, inner thighs and knees. At ADLER THERMAE, we offer two different options based on Profhilo IBSA®: a face treatment and a specially designed body treatment that includes a set of creams to be applied in the weeks following the treatment to maximise its effects.

For whom is Profhilo Ibsa®recommended?

Without a doubt, this is the perfect treatment for when the first signs of skin ageing and sagging start to appear, whether they are due to age or sun damage. Thanks to its bio-regenerating effect, however, Profhilo Ibsa® is also suitable for anyone who wishes to prevent skin ageing and invest in the health and well-being of their skin, as well as in its aesthetic care.

Can daily activities be resumed straight after the treatment?

Yes, absolutely. In this respect, ADLER guests can rest reassured that they won’t have to miss out on any sports activities, thermal baths or spa experiences, neither before nor after treatment.

How many sessions are needed, and how long do the effects last?

It’s very subjective – each patient reacts to treatment in their own way, so results may vary based on age, skin type and lifestyle. The standard protocol is at least 2 sessions, done 3 or 4 weeks apart. Generally speaking, the effects of Profhilo® treatments last for 12 to 18 months.

Would you like to enhance your body contours and/or rejuvenate your face? Your next stay at ADLER THERMAE will be the perfect occasion for a free consultation. Dr Bianchini will be happy to advise you and suggest a treatment plan tailored to your needs.

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