Aesthetic medicine

The skin is our first point of contact with the world and our first business card: it can have a strong influence on self-confidence and is an essential element for a healthy, attractive appearance.To protect and enhance your natural beauty, the ADLER MED Centres offer a range of services in the field of aesthetic medicine, with non-invasive treatments that make a visible difference.  

Bespoke skin treatments

In adults, the superficial layer of the epidermis regenerates roughly every six weeks. However, factors such as stress, imbalanced diet and smoking can impair skin regeneration. Our aesthetic medicine specialists develop personalised strategies to stimulate natural renewal processes and improve skin quality.   

All ADLER MED services start with a medical consultation to define therapeutic targets based on your needs and expectations. You can also choose to receive your consultation online before you arrive to maximise time efficiency. The preliminary consultation is then followed by a series of in-depth examinations which provide a comprehensive overview of your situation, enabling our specialists to decide upon the best therapeutic approach. By combining cutting-edge technologies with the benefits of a healthy lifestyle, we are able to improve not only your physical appearance, but also your state of health.

non invasive ADLER MED Skin Care

A smooth, toned skin is the key to a glowing complexion

non invasive ADLER MED – Body Shaping
ADLER MED – Body Shaping

To tone up and combat localised fat and cellulite 

non invasive ADLER MED Laser Therapy
ADLER MED Laser Therapy

Adler Med’s qualified practitioners use cutting-edge equipment that guarantees top performance and excellent results. 

non invasive Medical Therapies
Medical Therapies