Our Philosophy


The story of ADLER MED starts in 2008, when the ADLER Balance Spa Resort was built in Ortisei, an idyllic village in the heart of the Dolomites. With its creation,  the ADLER Spa Resorts & Lodges in South Tyrol now had their own health resort, complete with a medical centre focused on preventive and regenerative medicine – a unique addition to their trailblazing offer of wellness and spa services, exciting outdoor activities and finest cuisine.

With its offer of tailor-made health packages, the ADLER Balance Spa Resort was created to cater to the needs of guests looking for a break from their routine and the right environment to recharge and adopt a healthy life style without compromising on the comfort and homely atmosphere that have always been the hallmark of ADLER Resorts.

It was an undisputed success. Only a few months after the inauguration, a new ADLER MED health centre was created at the ADLER Spa Resort Thermae, in Tuscany.

The 3 pillars of health
ADLER MED Health Concept

The ADLER MED health concept brings together advanced medical facilities and integrated medical care. Our highly specialised medical staff take on a holistic approach that focuses on personalised counselling and assistance – an approach that rests on what we believe are the three pillars of health: nutrition, physical exercise and relaxation.

To help guests achieve their health goals, we provide quality medical treatments associated with a tailored dietary plan, a diverse exercise programme, and pleasant moments of relaxation in our spas.

The 3 pillars of health

The primary source of health is ourselves and our habits. This is why each ADLER MED programme is based on the three pillars of health: nutrition, physical exercise and relaxation.

Ernaehrung Nutritional concept
Nutritional concept


We consider nutrition a key factor in preserving and improving health. Our nutritional concept was developed taking into account the therapeutic properties of foods, the body’s natural rhythms, and the importance of an all-round healthy lifestyle. Following an accurate medical examination and appropriate check-ups,  a personalised dietary plan is created, where genuine ingredients are processed with great care to provide a culinary experience that promotes health while also satisfying the palate. 

Fitness_Box Sports and fitness
Sports and fitness


Any form of physical exercise has positive effects on the body and mood, be it an invigorating outdoor sport or a private coaching session. To help guests achieve their fitness goals, all our programmes include a targeted exercise plan based on the guest’s individual needs. Bright fitness areas with the latest Technogym machines and group activities such as Pilates, total body workout, yoga and more are all at your disposal.

Spa_Box Wellness treatments
Wellness treatments

We offer our guests a wide range of treatments designed to improve general health and well-being. These include, for example, physiotherapy and osteopathy lessons, Ayurveda treatments, wraps and baths with healing herbs, and exclusive spa rituals performed with our bespoke ADLER SPA cosmetic line. Such a wide, diverse choice of treatments allows us to find the best-targeted solution to meet each guest’s individual needs.