Prevention & diagnosis

Establishing your state of health is the first step towards a personalised health and prevention plan

Top-level prevention and diagnosis in 5-star spa resorts

An in-depth preliminary medical consultation, followed by a series of diagnostic tests, allows us to obtain an overall picture of your state of health and to develop a personalised medical care programme.

Check-up and evaluation of your state of health

Prevention is fundamental to stay fit and healthy into old age. The ADLER MED Health Centre offers a wide range of basic clinical tests, medical consultations and specific tests, performed using both traditional and innovative techniques, to determine your state of health and develop a personalised prevention package.

Our modern ADLER MED lab facilities enable us to perform blood tests and have the results and relevant medical report available in a single day. A complete health check-up offers you the chance to combine comprehensive medical services with a stay at our 5-star hotels, while enjoying a relaxed atmosphere in unspoilt natural backdrops.

medical care

Our prevention and diagnosis services include

  • Instrumental tests (e.g. bioelectrical impedance analysis and bioelectric check-up)  
  • Basic and specific blood tests (e.g. thyroid function, stress, osteoporosis)   
  • Food intolerance test – Gastrointestinal test – Test for intestinal parasites    
  • Prevention check-ups for men and women, based on age-group    
  • Kinesiological examination     
  • Podoscopy (foot pressure measurement or gait analysis)      
  • Neural therapy examination
Choose your health package

Choose from our range of one-day Efficient medical packages, our multi-day Essential or Intensive modules or create your own personalised package. Multi-day packages include a tailored treatment plan and exercise programme.

ADLER MED Basic is the basis on which your personalised health programme is developed and a prerequisite for all other medical modules.

ADLER MED Basic - Preliminary and final consultations


At the start of each ADLER MED module there is a preliminary medical consultation to establish your state of health and decide on the best therapeutic plan for you. 

ADLER MED Health package – Recommended duration: min. 3 days

ADLER MED Essential Prevention Check-up


The Essential module includes the basic treatments and may be tailored according to individual needs on the patient’s initiative or based on the instructions of the referring doctor.

Included services:
  • 1x Bioelectrical impedance analysis
  • 1x Bioelectric check-up
  • 1x Urine analysis
  • 1x TOP profile blood tests
  • 1x Faecal occult blood test
Extend you essential package.
Perfect for 7 - 14 day stays.

ADLER MED Intensive Prevention Check-up


The Intensive module may be added to the Essential module the ideal solution for stays of 7-14 days. For this intensive care plan we recommend one preparatory week and one restorative week at home.

Included services:
  • 1x Follow-up diet plan
  • 1x Heavy metal test
  • 1x Intestinal flora and digestive test
  • 1x Biofeedback
ADLER MED Efficient
Extra-mile packages for your health and well-being, with or without accommodation

ADLER MED Start Check

ADLER MED Anti-Ageing

Included services:
  • 1x Bioelectrical impedance analysis
  • 1x Nutritional profile
  • 1x Stress profile

ADLER MED services at a glance

Here is an overview of all our medical services. Please contact us for further information and to discuss your individual requirements.

All Adler Med Services