Cryobox - Whole-body cold therapy for health, regeneration and beauty


New at the ADLER in Ortisei

3 minutes, at up to minus 160 degrees Celsius. Brr ... that gives you goose bumps just thinking about it! But don't worry: due to the low humidity, it's easy to endure in our new, ultra-modern CRYO-BOX. In addition, the human body reacts to the extreme temperature stimulus by releasing happiness hormones.

However, feelings of happiness are not necessarily the main purpose of the treatment. There are many other reasons for the beneficial freshness kick.

Cold causes blood vessels and muscles to contract. As soon as the cold subsides, the vessels dilate again. This leads to better blood circulation, increased absorption of oxygen and stimulation of the metabolism. The temporary effect of cold therefore has many positive effects on the body and mind. The range of applications of cryotherapy extends from pain treatment and general prevention to weight reduction and stress reduction. Here is a brief overview:


In addition to relieving pain and inflammation - especially in rheumatic diseases such as arthritis - the most important indications include supporting post-operative regeneration, balancing the hormonal system and reducing symptoms of stress such as sleep disorders, fatigue and depressive moods. The treatment also helps to strengthen the immune system and general well-being.


Many top athletes use the positive effect of the cold therapy to optimise their performance and reach peak levels. But also a faster muscle recovery, the reduction of muscle soreness and the acceleration of healing processes after injuries are part of the application repertoire. The perfect treatment for all those who like to be active and want to improve their muscle and joint functions.


Due to the improvement of metabolism and cell regeneration, fat deposits and cellulite can be successfully combated and collagen formation stimulated. The result: a slimmer and firmer body and smooth, compact skin.


How does the treatment work?

The cryo-box looks similar to a shower cubicle that is open at the top (the head sticks out). During the treatment, vaporised nitrogen is fed into the box. Before entering the cabin, you will need to undress down to your underwear. We will provide you with gloves and socks to protect your extremities. During the initial treatment, the temperature is usually set to minus 110 degrees. For further treatments, the temperature can be reduced even more (up to a maximum of minus 160 degrees). One of our therapists is with you during the entire treatment. To achieve lasting effects, it is recommended to repeat the treatment regularly.

Cold is generally perceived as invigorating. Many guests report a pleasant lightness and a real energy boost. Try it out for yourself and let yourself be surprised!

Contact our spa reception during your next stay or make an appointment by phone. We will be happy to inform you about any contraindications and general rules to be observed before and after the application.

We look forward to your visit!

Your Spa & Med Team