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Exercise – Nutrition – Wellness & Spa
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Exercise is the key to good health and a good frame of mind
The pillars of health and well-being

Staying healthy and fit for as long as possible is a wish we all share. Adopting a healthy lifestyle is a concrete step towards making that wish come true. The ADLER MED programme is specifically designed around a holistic concept and based on the interplay of healthy nutrition, exercise, relaxation and regeneration. Because our lifestyle is our first and foremost source of health – present and future.

Exercise – Nutrition – Wellness & Spa
Nutrition: natural, balanced and tailored to your body

Private coaching

From weight loss to muscle strengthening and back health, we offer tailored solutions to meet any health requirements. During a private fitness coaching session, you will receive a personalised training programme. Our time-efficient exercise plans can easily be integrated into any daily routine at home.

Complimentary fitness facilities

Our spacious, bright fitness area benefits from top-notch cardiovascular equipment and resistance machines that are free for you to use. We also offer a daily Body & Soul group workout programme, including: yoga, stretching exercises, cardio toning, total body workout, pilates, metabolism-boosting training and more.


Explore the most charming corners of UNESCO natural heritage sites in the Dolomites and Tuscany: opportunities range from leisurely walks and contemplative hikes to guided herb-themed walks, yoga sessions in special high-energy places and more. Please contact Reception to receive hiking maps and further information on recommended routes. 

Nordic Walking

Cardiologists and sports medicine specialists recommend frequent bouts of moderate-intensity exercise to maintain optimal health. Nordic walking involves the whole body and is an ideal discipline for burning fat. We offer our guests guided Nordic walking tours as well as walking poles for rent.


Cycling is a joint-friendly sport that protects against heart disease, helps burn fat and unburdens the mind. Enjoy a ride on stunning bike routes through unspoilt natural landscapes, either on your own or on a guided tour. Premium electronic, racing- and mountain-bikes are available at our rental shop.


Yoga is known to improve strength and flexibility, as well as aid relaxation and balance at all levels. Besides our weekly indoor yoga programme, available year-round, we also organise yoga-themed hiking weeks in early summer and autumn, as well as retreats with renowned guest instructors to provide deeper insights into specific branches of yoga. 

Aqua fitness

Exercise can be made twice as effective by adding a training session with the benefits of water on the human body. Try a group class or a private coaching session to experience first-hand the health-giving effect of water.

Exercise is the key to good health and a good frame of mind
Relaxation and Regeneration in our Wellness & Spa Area

Individual – targeted – made to measure

ADLER MED’s nutrition experts agree: each of us is unique, as are each individual’s sense of taste and way of metabolising various foods. This is why we need personalised dietary strategies that take into account individual characteristics such as constitution and lifestyle, rather than standardised nutrition plans. This principle applies regardless of the individual target, be it detoxifying the body, losing weight, building muscular mass or simply maintaining optimal health.  

We carry out a medical consultation and several check-ups as the first step of our programmes, in order to determine your nutritional profile, on the basis of which we then devise your personal nutrition plan. At the end of your stay we also provide you with valuable information and recommendations to help you implement your long-term nutrition plan autonomously at home.  

Our nutrition plans naturally also include vegetarian as well as gluten- and lactose-free options. Please inform us when you book of any food intolerance or dietary preference you might have.

The ADLER MED Nutrition Concept

We regard nutrition as the cornerstone of health. The ADLER MED nutrition concept takes into account the therapeutic effects of fresh medicinal herbs and spices, and follows a chronobiologically-conscious approach that adapts diet to the body’s natural rhythms. In this respect, the combination of different foods and nutrients in the correct sequence plays a major role, as it has a direct impact on digestion, nutrient uptake, metabolism and excretion. Heath and well-being are also associated with quality products and natural ingredients. For this reason, we use exclusively natural, seasonal and mostly locally-sourced produce. We prepare our dishes with extra care to ensure that the ingredients’ flavours remain as unadulterated as possible. Health and taste combined for top quality standards and the best quality of life!

Relaxation and Regeneration in our Wellness & Spa Area

Spa & Beauty

Medical treatments, massages, baths and packs work at several levels, increasing health while also promoting relaxation and inner balance. From physiotherapeutic treatments to ancient oriental healing methods and the exclusive ADLER Beauty Rituals carried out with our organic skincare line specially designed for ADLER SPA, we offer a wide range of spa services based on the holistic concept of the individual as a unity of body, mind and soul. Our competent staff are there to tailor them to your personal needs.

Wellness and saunas

A sauna session is a precious ally for the prevention of colds and for cleansing the body. The increased blood flow enables quicker expulsion of toxins and harmful substances. Sauna also strengthens the body’s defences and the cardiovascular system, and makes the skin look supple and fresh. The ADLER MED sauna area includes: an aromatic steam bath, an organic sauna, a fascinating salt grotto, panoramic whirlpools and the oriental Caldarium with healing mud.

Indoor and outdoor pools

Swimming is the healthiest of all sporting disciplines: it trains the muscles and helps lose weight while sparing the joints. Our spacious indoor and outdoor pools offer plenty of room for an invigorating swim or relaxing float, and there are comfortable loungers for sunbathing in the well-tended park. 

Thermal baths

Thermal baths have always been regarded as places of relaxation and rejuvenation – the golden recipe for a long, healthy life. Over time, their healing and cleansing effects have been scientifically proven. The combination of soothing heat and thermal water has positive effects on the airways, the muscles and joints, as well as the skin.The ADLER Thermae MED Health Centre offers indoor and outdoor thermal pools heated to 36°C, as well as exclusive MED & SPA treatments with thermal water and medical thermal packages.