Stress management

Effective stress management strategies to enhance relaxation, regenerate the mind and achieve inner balance.

Regenerating your inner source of energy

Learning to relax properly makes coping with stress easier. Our holistic therapeutic programme encompasses diverse strategies to help you reduce stress, increase vitality and restore your inner balance.

A tailored strategy for stress reduction and prevention

Limited time, overwhelming familial and professional responsibilities and excessive self-expectations are but some of the many factors that can lead to chronic stress – a condition responsible for physical and emotional exhaustion that can ultimately cause a number of diseases.  

Based on an in-depth analysis of your stress levels through parameters such as free radicals and concentration levels of hormones like DHEA, prolactin and cortisol, we develop a holistic stress management programme to help you reduce stress levels and improve resilience.  

Recommended for stress prevention and management, burnout prevention, in the case of psychosomatic disorders, to boost vitality and to restore one’s abilities and resources.

coping with stress

Decelerate, regenerate, invigorate

While it is not always possible to avoid stressful situations, it is always possible to handle stress with a more positive approach. Stress resilience is the ability that allows us to manage stress and even prevent burnout – an ability that can be built up and honed. 

Techniques such as meditation, deep breathing and other tried and tested relaxation methods can be applied in everyday life to achieve a more positive and enjoyable outlook. 

We are at your side to bring body and mind back into balance with a holistic programme including personalised body treatments, biofeedback techniques, the innovative Sound Pnei acoustic therapy, natural remedies, sports activities and healthy exercise. 

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Choose your health package

Choose from our range of one-day Efficient medical packages, our multi-day Essential or Intensive modules or create your own personalised package. Multi-day packages include a tailored treatment plan and exercise programme.

ADLER MED Basic is the basis on which your personalised health programme is developed and a prerequisite for all other medical modules.

ADLER MED Basic - Preliminary and final consultations


At the start of each ADLER MED module there is a preliminary medical consultation to establish your state of health and decide on the best therapeutic plan for you. 

ADLER MED Health package – Recommended duration: min. 3 days

ADLER MED Essential stress relief


The Essential module includes the basic treatments and may be tailored according to individual needs on the patient’s initiative or based on the instructions of the referring doctor.

Included services:
  • 2x Energising treatments
  • 1x Hydrotherapy session
  • 1x Stress-relieving massage
  • 1x Fango pack
  • 1x Head, face and feet rebalancing treatment
Extend you essential package.
Perfect for 7 - 14 day stays.

ADLER MED Intensive stress relief


The Intensive module may be added to the Essential module the ideal solution for stays of 7-14 days. For this intensive care plan we recommend one preparatory week and one restorative week at home.

Included services:
  • 3x Energising treatments
  • 1x Plantar reflexology
  • 1x Hydrotherapy session
  • 1x Shiatsu massage
  • 2x Stress-relieving massage
  • 2x Private coaching session
  • 1x Fango pack
ADLER MED Efficient
Extra-mile packages for your health and well-being, with or without accommodation


Included services:
  • 1x Bioelectrical impedance analysis
  • 1x Revitalising diet plan
  • 1x Rebalancing treatment
  • 1x Revitalising therapy


Included services:
  • 1x Bioelectric check-up
  • 1x Biofeedback
  • 1x Stress-relief treatment

ADLER MED Stress Check

Included services:
  • 1x Stress profile
  • 1x Evaluation of free radicals and antioxidative stress
  • 1x Biofeedback
  • 1x Rebalancing treatment

ADLER MED services at a glance

Here is an overview of all our medical services. Please contact us for further information and to discuss your individual requirements.

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