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Find here our list of all our ADLER MED services. Depending on the chosen treatment, the therapy begins with a preliminary examination to define the right health plan along with our doctors. Contact us for more details and a personalized consultation.

Abdominal massage therapy
Basic blood tests

Blood mirrors our health. Therefore, blood values are a key tool for diagnosis that can reveal a number of diseases and deficiency symptoms. Basic blood analysis provides data regarding – among other things – blood composition, kidney and liver functioning, metabolism, glycaemia and fats associated with cardiovascular risk. Nutritional imbalances and insufficient or excessive physical exercise can also be diagnosed by blood analysis.
Basic blood tests determine the following values:
Haemogram (blood count)
Urea and uric acid
Transaminase and GGT (Gamma GT) enzymes
Triglycerides and cholesterol

Bioelectric check-up

The bioelectric check-up measures the body’s response to stressful stimuli. Electrodes are placed on single body areas to provide light, non-perceptible electrical impulses to check whether the body’s reaction is proportionate to such stimuli. An under- or overreaction to stimuli indicates the presence of some disorder within the body. The bioelectric check-up provides a wealth of valuable diagnostic information about, for example, energy levels, potential burnout risk, organ functioning and degree of acidity in the body. This test provides useful suggestions for a holistic, personalised therapeutic strategy which may include: food supplements, targeted exercise programmes and a tailored nutrition plan. A bioelectric check-up is especially recommended in cases of inflammatory conditions, allergies and intolerances, harmful effects of some substances, hyperacidity, environmental stress, stressful lifestyles, fatigue and loss of vitality.

Bioelectrical impedance analysis

Regular scales are unable to determine what percentages of muscles and adipose tissue make up a person’s body weight. Therefore, body composition is a more accurate indicator of a patient’s health condition than body weight alone. BIA (bioelectrical impedance analysis) is a globally-recognised method to measure the variables of body weight, in particular muscle mass, body fat and water balance. This kind of measurement also provides information on other important parameters, such as intra- and extracellular fluid content, bone mass (indicator of predisposition to osteoporosis) and the ratio between healthy and pathological body fat (abdominal fat), as well as concentration levels of various minerals and trace elements. Metabolism, stress levels and the body’s ability to burn oxygen and convert food into energy can also be measured by BIA.

Bioimpedancemetry with blood type diet

The bioelectrical impedancemetry is a non-invasive test that provides a number of important parameters such as body weight, muscle mass, body fat, hydration status, bone density and levels of mineral salts and glycogen, as well as oxidative stress. The test also provides a metabolic profile as the basis for a personalised nutrition plan, by helping to determine which foods are good for a patient’s metabolism and the optimal intake of fats, carbohydrates and proteins.

It is also possible to adjust the nutrition plan according to the patient’s blood type profile. Based on the notion that blood type influences a person’s chemistry and physiology, specific diets are recommended for the four different blood types A, B, AB, and O, which reflect the lifestyle and diet of our ancestors.

Colon hydrotherapy

Also known as colonic irrigation, colon hydrotherapy is a gentle, painless procedure for cleansing the large intestine. It involves infusing water at different temperatures to loosen bowel muscles and stimulate peristalsis, thus enabling waste and toxins to be released from the mucous membrane. The process is completed by a gentle abdominal massage to facilitate expulsion. This procedure is recommended for cleansing and regenerating the bowel as well as for the treatment of chronic digestive disorders, flatulence, diarrhoea, blockages, intestinal flora imbalances, skin problems, joint diseases, neurovegetative disorders and psychosomatic disorders such as fatigue, loss of vitality and reduced performance.

Complete check-up

The complete check-up is a comprehensive series of tests including both diagnostic profiling and nutritional profiling. The aim is to create a holistic, personalised package of health-promoting measures by collecting as many parameters as possible.

Diligentis test

Swab test with aromatogram for the diagnosis of chronic infections

Dysbiosis test

The human intestine is colonised by more than 400 different bacterial species. When the intestinal flora is well-balanced, these bacteria live in symbiosis with us helping to preserve our health. However, imbalances affecting the intestinal flora can result in dysbiosis. This test analyses the state of health of the gut flora to prevent any disease that might arise from imbalances. It is especially recommended in cases of diarrhoea or constipation, irregular bowel function, flatulence, recurrent urinary or genital infections (yeast infections, cystitis), chronic fatigue and mood swings.

Heavy metal test

An incorrect lifestyle and the daily exposure to pollutants and toxic metals can cause these elements to overload in our bodies. This is even more significant if there is a deficiency of minerals, such as calcium, magnesium, manganese and zinc, which cover important enzymatic functions. The OLIGOSCAN spectrophotometric test estimates the presence of fundamental minerals and the possible overload of heavy metals. These results make it possible to customize therapeutic proposals in terms of food supplementation and/or the use of detoxifying products, in order to stimulate the natural defences and the emuntorial capacity of the organism. Only the blood group data is needed. 

Intravenous revitalising therapy

This therapy involves the therapeutic use of high dosages of vitamins, minerals, trace elements and amino acids, combined to meet each patient’s individual needs. The main advantage offered by intravenous therapy is that its effects are immediate, since active substances are injected directly into the blood stream. Intravenous revitalising therapy is indicated in cases of susceptibility to infections, convalescence, allergies, persistent fatigue, exhaustion and decreased performance.

Iomet test for active cell nutrition

Developed by the Institute for Nutrition and Prevention in Lyon, France, this non-invasive test starts with a medical examination including a computerised analysis of the patient’s lifestyle: eating habits, environment, medical history and self-assessment of state of health. This enables possible health issues to be identified which, if left untreated, could lead to cellular damage. Based on test results, a tailored nutritional plan and personalised therapy are devised.

TOP profile blood tests

Our body functions are the result of a complex interplay of anatomical structures and physiological processes. This is why we have devised our TOP Profile blood tests – comprehensive blood analysis that will provide your practitioner with detailed information on your state of health, including metabolism, sugar- and bone metabolism, iron storage (ferritin), pro-inflammatory factors, thyroid hormones, immune system response, nutrient intake (vitamins, minerals, trace elements), electrolytes, liver- and kidney functioning and hormonal balance, as well as a series of sex-specific parameters.
Signs of physical and mental stress can also be detected through blood tests. The TOP Profile services include urine analysis and all the blood tests listed on our homepage.