Medical glossary


First made popular in the 60s by the French physician Michel Pistor, mesotherapy is a complementary therapy that combines elements of acupuncture, neural therapy and reflexology. The treatment consists of injecting low dosages of active substances into the skin’s intermediate layer, called the mesoderm. This technique is based on the concept that healing starts in the intermediate layers and spreads towards the deeper-set tissue of muscles or joints. The ingredients of the mixture are chosen based on the patient’s requirements and may contain homeopathic or herbal remedies, vitamins and trace elements. Depending on the case, small dosages of analgesics and nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs may be added to the mixture. Mesotherapy owes its effectiveness not only to the effects of the active substances injected, but also to the physical stimulation produced by the thin, short needles used during the procedure. This gentle, minimally-invasive technique is suitable for the treatment of a wide range of acute or chronic disorders and pain therapy, as well as for aesthetic medical treatments.