The 5 primordial elements
Breath and a good
oxygenation - Part 1

Why a good oxygenation warrant the survival of human beings and their health.


This is the first of a series of videos in which we will speak about the fundamental elements to warrant the survival of human beings and their health.

Let’s start from here: what are the essential factors for a newborn after birth?

    1. Breath and good oxygenation
    2. Proper nutrition
    3. Movement
    4. Care and serenity
    5. Restorative sleep


Today we will speak about breath. Ancient oriental disciplines have studied it for centuries, today science confirms that through correct breath we can not only improve the oxygenation of tissues and brain, but also boost the anti-inflammatory processes of our organism. We can regulate the cardiac activity, enhance our arterial pressure, and especially improve our resistance to stress.
In detail, by improving the oxygenation of tissues we burn more fats and have more energy, we are more active, more alert and less tired. Furthermore, through correct breathing, we can activate the vagus nerve that is strictly connected with our innate anti-inflammatory functions. Through breath we also regulate the chemistry of the body: during exhalation we get rid of large quantities of carbon acid in form of carbon dioxide and steam, and in this way, we free our organism from much acid waste that it produces daily.
Also, cardiac activity and arterial pressure improve. By using particular breathing sequences, we can create a field of coherence, intended as a synchronization of arterial pressure, brain activity, heart rate and breath. The state of coherence that can be induced through certain breathing techniques turns out to be a great regeneration tool on the physical and mental level, able to reduce the values of stress hormones in shortest time. Through a special device, the PPG stress flow, we can register the effects that good breathing produces on the brain and cardiac activity in real time.
In the next video I’m going to show you how to breathe correctly in order to draw great benefits from this fabulous instrument that we were born with. See you soon.