The 5 primordial elements:

Physical activity increase our quality of life.


Today we are dealing with the topic of MOVEMENT, the third of the five primordial factors. As numerous studies have shown, regular physical activity can increase both our life expectancy and our quality of life, improve mental performance, prevent chronic diseases, and also positively influence our appearance.

Why does movement have such miraculous effects?

There are 760 muscles in the human body that mainly perform movement and support functions but are also to be regarded as the largest endocrine organ. When our muscles are active, they produce myokines (interleukin-6 and 15), substances that have fat-reducing, anti-inflammatory and even cancer-inhibiting properties. In addition, through regular exercise, the autonomic nervous system and the hormonal system can work better together.

Which workout helps us to achieve maximum results with minimal effort? Many experts recommend high-intensity interval training (HIIT). This special form of training consists of a combination of intensive training phases and slow but active recovery intervals.

HOW does a HIIT workout work? A 5-minute warm-up phase is followed by 1-minute intensive training and 2 minutes of moderate training. This sequence (1-minute intensive and 2-minutes moderate) should be repeated 5-7 times. Another 5 minutes of cooldown phase conclude the training session.

WHERE? On your home trainer (treadmill, stepper, bike trainer) or outdoors, while jogging or walking.

WHEN? Early in the morning, preferably immediately after getting up.

HOW OFTEN? With only 3-4 units per week, the positive training effects will soon appear. These include increasing the basic metabolism, stimulating fat burning and reducing blood sugar levels. Even cravings are easier to manage with HIIT. However, one of the most amazing successes of HIIT is undoubtedly the increase in the number of mitochondria, the energy centres of our body. An increase in mitochondria means more energy for the muscles while increasing performance, vitality and general well-being.