The 5 primordial elements:

Methods that bring us closer to our true nature.


This last video is about care, relaxation, but above all about mindfulness and special methods that bring us closer to our true nature. At birth, everyone is like a bud that is destined to turn into a wonderful rose. Trauma, strokes, everyday stress and worries however inhibit the bud to fully develop.

Our brain automatically reacts to external stimuli, but according to the latest brain research, our brain circuits and especially the neuronal circuits can also be changed and "rewritten". In short, we can overcome the past, rewrite our history and express our full potential. With simple exercises, we can communicate with the oldest part of our brain where our experiences are stored, we can access brain memory, create new neural networks, change our attitudes, and thus transform our malaise into wellbeing.

Breathing mindfully is just one of the many techniques we have at our disposal. We know that our heart consists of 40,000 nerve cells that constantly communicate with the brain. Both with the older part of the brain in which our emotions are stored and with the neocortex, the youngest part that houses our consciousness. By using the breath in a targeted manner, we can bring about a change in body chemistry, heart activity, and the reactions of the vegetative nervous system and have a positive influence on neuronal processes.

What we should definitely avoid is to let ourselves be dominated by our emotions and to identify ourselves with our thoughts. Emotions create hormone cascades that affect our well-being. The quality of our thoughts largely depends on ourselves and determines the quality of our lives. The practice of mindfulness supports a change of perspective that creates new ways of thinking and thus our negative experiences take on a new meaning.

Mindfulness is a way open to all of us, but it requires the use of an intensive practice, best under the guidance of an experienced teacher / coach, so that a real change can take place.

I hug you and hope that the lovely bud that resides in you will soon turn into a wonderfully fragrant rose.

Your MD Stefania Mazzieri