Say goodbye
to unwanted hair

Say goodbye to unwanted hair - with cutting-edge laser technology


The new Eufotonlaser technology is a real all-rounder in the field of modern aesthetic medicine. This latest-generation device is extremely versatile and can be used to treat a variety of conditions such as spider veins, stretch marks, scars and skin blemishes, as well as to rejuvenate the face, neck and décolleté areas.

What really sets this laser apart, however, is that it provides a revolutionary solution to the problem of unwanted facial and body hair. This is the go-to solution for those who want their skin velvety smooth without having to deal with traditional hair removal tools like waxing and razors ever again. In fact, this technology ensures painless, progressive and permanent hair removal on the legs, arms, cheeks, chin, upper lip and virtually any other body area.

The advantages are numerous:


This laser protocol emits a single wavelength beam of light which, once absorbed by the melanin contained in the hair root and shaft, is converted into thermal energy, i.e. heat. The heat progressively weakens the hair bulb, thereby inhibiting its regrowth. 

Thanks to its deep penetration into the dermis, the Eufoton laser is exceptionally effective in progressively and permanently removing dark hairs, but it is equally effective in removing blonde or light hairs, which up until now have been impossible to treat with laser methods. This is made possible by an innocuous, photosensitive dyeing substance that allows the follicles to be damaged, thereby inhibiting hair regrowth.


This laser treatment specifically targets the follicles, leaving the surrounding skin intact. This makes it suitable even for use on sensitive skin. Impulse intensity can be adjusted according to hair and skin type and to accommodate its use on different body areas. The device also features a built-in cooling system in the handpiece, which makes the treatment gentler and better tolerated.


Treatment sessions are short and practically pain-free. After each session, minor redness might appear in the treated area, which usually disappears within one to three days. The procedure does not require any downtime nor any particular post-treatment care. The only recommended precaution is to avoid sun exposure in the following days and to apply a soothing cream to the treated area from time to time.


The number of sessions required to achieve permanent hair removal is subjective and may vary depending on several factors, including hair colour and growth phase at the time of treatment, follicle depth, body area and skin tone. One or two sessions are sometimes enough to achieve the desired results, while in other cases the hairs may regrow – albeit lighter, sparser and more fragile and therefore less aggravating. There is no precise number of recommended sessions, as it is dependent on each patient’s individual reaction to the treatment.

To conclude, the Eufoton laser device offers a number of advantages over all traditional hair removal techniques. However, although side effects are rare, it is always advisable to seek medical advice from a specialist before the treatment. This will ensure that you are well informed about the procedure itself and any potential risks that may be associated with it.


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