Nano Vi: advanced technology for cell repair

Nano Vi: advanced technology for cell repair


Nano VI is a device designed to improve cell repair and regeneration processes.

Our body cells obtain the energy we need for our vital functions from chemical reactions involving oxygen. However, chemicals known as reactive oxygen species (ROS) are formed as a by-product of oxygen metabolism. According to scientific research, the biological function of ROS is twofold: on the one hand, they act as free radicals causing oxidative stress and cell damage. On the other, by playing a role as second messengers ROS emit biological signals that induce an oxidative response in cells.

What is oxidative stress? When acting as free radicals, ROS bind to proteins, cell membranes or DNA to such an extent that cell activity is impaired. Oxidative stress is linked to performance decline, premature ageing and even chronic disease. 

What causes an increase in free radicals?

- Excessive and prolonged psycho-physical stress

- Excessive or insufficient physical exercise

- Unbalanced nutrition (excessive intake of protein, animal fat and refined carbohydrates)

- Environmental pollution, pesticides, UV radiation

- Smoking

- Alcohol abuse

- Chronic diseases

- Medications (contraceptive pill, hormone replacement treatment during menopause etc.)


What is oxidative response? Oxidative response is our body’s natural defence against oxidative stress, i.e. a process that repairs the damage caused by free radicals while also protecting the cells from further damage. This reaction plays an essential role in countering the constant attacks from ROS: every single DNA molecule is damaged and repaired some half a million times every day!


How does oxidative response work?

During the last decade scientists discovered that ROS themselves induce oxidative response bybiological signalling processes. Acting as secondary messengers, ROS emit triggering signals that are transmitted at high speed through a network of interconnected water molecules.

What can we do about oxidative stress? Nano Vi technology has been specially developed to support the body’s oxidative response processes by bio-identical signalling, meaning it produces a signal that is identical to the one naturally produced by the body. The device emits a specific signal that is delivered to the body via vapour droplets. Once it reaches the mucous membranes, it transfers to single cells where it activates some processes linked with cell repair.

The solution: The ADLER MED health centre offers you the chance to try the effects of Nano VI first-hand. This simple, innovative procedure consists of inhaling humidified air for a minimum period of 20 minutes a day. Its benefits include:

-          improved heart rate variability and inflammation response

-          slower ageing processes by promoting cell rejuvenation

-          improved detoxification of body cells by accelerating regeneration

MD Laura Santini