Interview with the creator
of NanoVi ™ Technology

Interview with the creator of NanoVi ™ Technology


MD Rossana Lo Monaco, MD and plastic surgery specialist, interviewed Hans Eng, CEO and founder of ENG3 Corporation as well as the creator of NanoVi ™ Technology – a device designed to promote cell vitality and counter the effects of free radicals.


MD Lo Monaco: Good morning Mr. Eng, thanks for this second opportunity to meet here in beautiful Val Gardena.

Now that NanoVi™ is part of the Positive-Ageing programmes here at the ADLER MED health centre, I’d like to ask you some questions about NanoVi™, so that our guests can hear about the benefits they can expect from the treatment directly from its creator.

How did you get the idea for NanoVi™?


Hans Eng: Your health centre is a perfect match for NanoVi™: this innovative device is about promoting rejuvenation throughout the body, which is the same concept behind your programmes based on skin treatments, personalised dietary plans and adequate physical exercise.

Our idea was to reproduce the natural processes that lead to cell repair and regeneration.


MD Lo Monaco: How does NanoVi™ technology work?


Hans Eng: NanoVi™ works by affecting the water contained in body cells. The device generates an airflow containing droplets of spray water in which the water molecules have been modified to be more densely compacted and arranged. By using the NanoVi™ device, this flow of humidified air is inhaled and the special properties of the water droplets are transferred into the cells. This causes a change within the cells that promotes cell repair and regeneration processes.


MD Lo Monaco: On what level is NanoVi™ most effective?


Hans Eng: Prevention is always the best approach, of course. NanoVi™ has been ideally designed to reduce cell damage. This technology is an excellent complement to your wellness programmes; it can support several therapeutic courses like detox programmes or enhance general well-being by helping to achieve a sense of calmness or by increasing vitality. NanoVi™ is a powerful ally for anyone wishing to age in good health or improve their performance. An increasing number of athletes rely on our device to speed up recovery, train more effectively and become more competitive.

While it is true that prevention is the ideal approach, we need to be realistic about most people’s fitness conditions. Many of us need to regenerate and restore certain functions, which is especially the case when ageing comes into play. NanoVi™ certainly provides excellent support for medical centre treatments, helping to combat chronic and degenerative diseases.


MD Lo Monaco: Why is NanoVi™ the only device in the world that can do this?


Hans Eng: The technology used by Eng3 to produce a humidified airflow with modified water molecules is patented, which means that no other company can do what NanoVi™ does. It’s a one-of-a-kind device.


MD Lo Monaco: How come NanoVi ™ treatment has no side effects?


Hans Eng: That’s because it’s not medication. NanoVi™’s effects are managed by the body itself. People with a lot of toxins in their body tissue should approach the treatment gradually to avoid detoxifying too quickly. If the amount of toxins released exceeds the body’s disposal capacity, this could lead to issues that are best avoided.


MD Lo Monaco: What results have you personally achieved using NanoVi™?


Hans Eng: The main effects I have been experiencing are increased mental clarity and better sleep quality. I have also noticed that my energy levels increase if I use NanoVi™ to combat tiredness after a long day’s work or a trip. It provides excellent jet lag relief.


MD Lo Monaco: The NanoVi™ method has become popular worldwide. Who uses it? Any examples?


Hans Eng: Among NanoVi™ users there are prominent health and wellness pundits like Dave Asprey, Joseph Mercola, Donna Gates and Wendy Myers. Star coaches Jim Kwik and Ben Greenfield are also NanoVi™ advocates, as well as boxing champion Mike Gravonski, Alessandro De Gasperi (winner of the IronMan competition in Lanzarote, May 2018), the whole J2 Racing Team and a number of showbiz celebrities and professional baseball, football, basketball and soccer athletes.


MD Lo Monaco: With its stunning natural landscapes, Val Gardena is a popular holiday destination. Our guests come here to relax and practise outdoor sports as well as for our medical treatments. Since you mentioned professional athletes, is it correct to assume that also skiers, trekkers and mountain bikers can reap the benefits of NanoVi™?


Hans Eng: Of course! NanoVi™ is especially suitable for active people. Since NanoVi™ accelerates cell processes, it also helps recovery. Scientific research has shown that using NanoVi™ before exercising causes a significant reduction in blood lactate. This way, ADLER guests can exercise more, feel better and make the most of their holiday in the Dolomites.


MD Lo Monaco: Thank you so much Mr Eng, I’m sure our guests will be impressed by the health and wellness benefits offered by NanoVi™!


Hans Eng: It has been a pleasure – I wish you the best of success!