Interview with MD Colomba Aura Romeo

Interview with MD Colomba Aura Romeo


Today we would like to introduce one of our team, Dr. Colomba Romeo, medical doctor and expert in holistic and complementary medicine. Read the interview to find out about her story, her concept of health and what the focus of her work is here in our med centre.


Good morning Dr. Romeo. You have long-standing experience as a hospital doctor and in general medicine. What led you to pursue a non-conventional area of medical specialism? 

While working as a general practitioner, I also earnt several master’s degrees, including one in endocrinology and nutrition science. This allowed me to explore more in depth how the endocrine system, the immune system and the human psyche are interconnected, and sparked my interest in disciplines such as homeopathy, phytotherapy, herbal essences and oriental holistic practices. In my view, complementary medicine shouldn’t be seen as opposed to conventional medicine – quite the contrary. As the name suggests, it should be viewed as an additional tool that helps patients achieve better balance and improve their general health and quality of life.  

Why have you chosen to work at ADLER Med? 

What I have found here is the ideal place to exploit my knowledge and skills to the fullest. At ADLER Med Balance, I have access to the best technology available for in-depth diagnostics and, more generally, top-notch facilities in settings so marvellous that the place itself promotes relaxation and physical and mental rejuvenation.

What is the focus of your medical work at ADLER Med?

My main focus is on nutrition and detoxification, which are not only useful for weight loss, but also essential in order to increase energy levels, speed up recovery0 and restore vitality. Our detox programmes are based on a personalised detoxifying diet associated with herbal teas and phytotherapeutic remedies, as well as specific spa treatments. Appropriate medical treatments such as detoxifying and energising drips containing vitamins and electrolytes, or colon hydrotherapy – used to remove waste from the intestinal mucosa and to combat chronic disorders such as constipation – may also be part of the therapy. In addition, diagnostic tests are offered to assess the state of health of the intestinal flora and detect any inflammation or parasites that may be present.  

Are these detox programmes recommended all year round?

Yes, absolutely. With the cold season drawing nearer, now is the perfect time to rid the body of toxins and boost the immune system in preparation for the challenges of winter. Autumn is a season of transition, and the body feels the changes that come with it. Our rhythms change, we tend to be less active and spend more time indoors. As the daily hours of light decrease, we often feel lazy and more sluggish. The need to warm up induces us to eat more and choose foods that are rich in calories but poor in vitamins and fibre. This all makes us more vulnerable to aggression by pathogens. After an internal cleanse, our body will be strengthened and revitalised, and more efficient at absorbing the nutrients we eat to boost its natural defences.  


Detoxing the body also means clearing the old out of the mind to make room for new things, right? 

Detoxing also means cleansing away incorrect lifestyles. It means allowing yourself to follow your own rhythm, taking some breaks, learning to breathe correctly, and improving sleep quality. Detoxing is also about freeing yourself from behavioural patterns and emotional blockages – be they conscious or not – that hinder well-being. This is crucial, because healthy crops can only grow and thrive on “clean”, pollution-free soil. 


Besides its comprehensive programmes and quality medical services, what else is there that makes the ADLER Med approach outstanding?

I have only been here for a short time now, but what I see is that the entire staff shows great professionalism. Everyone is always well-informed, attentive and sensitive to guests' needs. Both from a personal and professional point of view, I value a patient-doctor relationship that is based on trust and listening. This is how you take care of your patients as a whole, devoting the required amount of time to get a broader, more detailed overview of their needs, and focusing on the person rather than the disease. This approach enables tailored treatments and therapies to be offered, that the individual patient will be more prone to adhere to with greater conviction and attention. If the client so wishes, we also keep in touch with them for follow up, so as to help them consolidate the results achieved during their stay. 
That’s what I call a 360-degree medical approach.


Colomba Aura Romeo
Curriculum and professional experience: Dr. Romeo graduated in Medicine and Surgery at the University of Chieti in 1997, with an experimental thesis in internal medicine/endocrinology on “Thyroid function and circadian rhythm". After graduation, she trained in various hospital departments and as a general practitioner, and continued her specialist education with several master’s degrees (general ultrasound, metabolic diseases, psycho-neuro-endocrino-immunology, naturopathy, dietetics and nutrition). For ten years she has been working for private establishments focusing on the care and treatment of patients who need to rebalance their nutrition and enhance their health and well-being.