From pain relief to anti-ageing

From pain relief to anti-ageing


The many applications of mesotherapy at ADLER MED 

Mesotherapy is a minimally invasive medical procedure first developed in the 1950s by French doctor Michel Pistor as a complementary medicine treatment.

It consists of injecting special active ingredients into the subcutaneous layer known as the mesoderm, which is where the name mesotherapy comes from. Initially devised to treat asthma, over the decades mesotherapy has become established primarily as a treatment for pain and inflammation. Especially in patients with chronic pain or intolerance to oral painkillers, mesotherapy is now often the first choice for treating arthrosis, tendonitis, and muscle and joint complaints. 

The right ingredient, in the right amount, and in the right place  

This is how the mesotherapy approach may be summarised. The treatment has a local effect, and the substances injected are gradually delivered only to the body areas where they are needed. The advantages are twofold: not only are minimal amounts of medication sufficient to achieve the desired therapeutic results, the digestive tract is also spared the stress of oral medication. This makes mesotherapy a gentle method that is mostly free from side effects. However, its effectiveness largely depends on the active ingredients used in the injection. These may include anti-inflammatory, pain-relieving and antispasmodic substances from conventional medicine as well as homeopathic and homotoxicological substances. By combining different active ingredients, it is possible not only to alleviate pain and inflammation, but also to trigger the body’s natural healing and regeneration processes and detox the body tissues. Cortisone is not used in mesotherapy.  

Mesotherapy and aesthetic medicine at ADLER MED 

Mesotherapy as a therapeutic approach is continuously developing, and it is also increasingly used for aesthetic purposes at the ADLER MED centre. In fact, this method is very effective in delivering vitamins, antioxidants, elastin and hyaluronic acid into the skin, tightening the connective tissue and giving the skin a fresh, youthful appearance. Metabolism-boosting and pain-relieving substances can be used to alleviate various complaints, including vascular disease, cellulite-related tenderness and microcirculation complaints, as well as to reduce cellulite and localised fat deposits. Additionally, this procedure is effective in treating scars, stretch marks and some types of hair loss.  
Mesotherapy can also be combined with laser treatments or oxygen-ozone therapy for increased effectiveness – even within each single session. 

The needles used for mesotherapy are extremely fine, making this procedure virtually pain-free. The number of sessions required depends on the patient’s initial condition, but usually varies between three and a maximum of ten sessions, to be performed preferably in 7-day intervals. In Italy, mesotherapy qualifies as a medical treatment, and may therefore be performed only by medical doctors. 


Dr Rossana Lo Monaco, MD 
Specialist for plastic-reconstructive surgery, laser therapy, aesthetic medicine and naturopathy