Exercise on prescription

Exercise on prescription


It is a well-known fact that an adequate amount of physical exercise has long-term benefits for health and general well-being. This is why, besides healthy nutrition and relaxation, health-oriented fitness programmes constitute an integral part of ADLER Med packages.

However, each body is unique and has unique requirements. This means that each programme needs to be tailored to measure.

How we tailor your bespoke training programme

The first step is a medical consultation.

Accurately tracing your medical history enables us to determine your current state of health and become aware of any musculoskeletal issues (such as lesions, hernias, traumas etc.) that must be taken into account when devising the best training programme for you.

The consultation is followed by a series of medical check-ups: a bioelectrical test shows the body’s energetic state, while the PPG Flow test measures respiratory activity and stress levels.

The primary tool for sports diagnostic, however, is bioelectrical impedance analysis, which provides the full picture in terms of body composition, including fat and lean mass, bone density, intracellular and extracellular water and electrolytic balance. By analysing these parameters, any imbalance can be detected and the person’s state of wellness can be categorised on the basis of their age group. Your current situation and your fitness goal are then shown by a clear, simple graph. How to achieve that goal is something we will discuss together. 

Once your test results are in, and after consulting with your GP, we can devise a personalised training programme that aligns with your desired results.

Certain principles and guidelines must be followed depending on the focus of your chosen health package (weight loss, detox or stress management.


What programmes are available? 



If you aim to shed excess weight in a way that is effective, healthy and fun at the same time, then the HIIT and Fatburn programmes are your best route to perfect fitness. Throughout your stay, your schedule will include a daily 20-minute high-intensity interval training (HIIT) session on a treadmill, to be taken preferably before breakfast. HIIT consists of alternating high-intensity and low-intensity exercise bouts while keeping your heart rate monitored. What makes this type of training so advantageous is that, thanks to the EPOC effect (excess post-exercise oxygen consumption, also known as afterburn effect), you will continue burning calories even after your training session. CircuitFatburn training is a full-body endurance and muscle-building type of training that does not require any equipment. It consists of several training stations arranged in a circle, each designed to target a specific muscle group. Last but not least, targeted breathing exercises help you stimulate your metabolism and supply your digestive system with more energy. During the summer season, fitness classes can also be delivered outdoors, in the charming green landscape of the Val d’Anna valley.



Unlike weight loss training, detox-focused training should never cause intense perspiration. It should rather be a warm-up training of moderate intensity that involves most muscle groups. Our detox programme consists of a well-balanced mix of medium-intensity cardio training (with or without intervals) on a treadmill, exercise bike or stepper, as well as full-body exercises and breathing techniques. Training sessions are pitched to meet your specific physical needs or preferences, and may include anything from Pilates exercises to postural gymnastics, and from total-body exercises to stretching. Another powerful ally for cleansing our body cells is detox breathing. Our lungs are important emunctory organs designed to expel 70% of the toxins resulting from metabolic processes. 



When it comes to stress abatement, breathing plays an even more crucial role. Calm, mindful breathing enables emotions to flow and inspires a sense of harmony while also making the mind more alert. The practice of Qi-Gong consists of a series of fluid, precise movements that are synchronised with your breathing. The purpose of this is to increase your vital energy and improve your concentration and coordination.


If this doesn’t sound like your cup of tea, let our experts advise you – together, you will find an alternative that better suits your needs and preferences.

While you train, we will be at your side to provide attentive, but also motivating support. As we get to know you better, we will be able to hone your fitness programme more and more. At the end of your stay, you will receive a workbook that will help you to keep up your training routine at home. You will be surprised to find out how much further than your initial limits you can go by training regularly and consistently. Besides, positive experiences boost motivation and often lead to results that exceed expectations.

Bruno Rabanser 

Private coach at ADLER Spa Resort BALANCE