The 5 primordial elements:
The nutrition - Part 2

Longevity food


In this video I will tell you more about the so-called longevity food, nutrients that contain specific active ingredients and thus have the ability to communicate directly with our DNA, to promote the expression of the longevity genes and to deactivate the genes of aging.

Although we cannot change our DNA, we can still ensure that our cell DNA expresses certain longevity genes through food rich in vital substances and a healthy lifestyle. These in turn directly influence the activation of stem cells, which again stimulate the repair and rejuvenation processes that occur inside our body.

But what are these foods and what are their active ingredients?

FISETIN is contained in persimmons, strawberries and apples. It has a strong antioxidant effect on the central nervous system and not only prevents brain aging, but also neurodegenerative diseases.

ANTHOCYANE are antioxidants found in blood oranges, red cabbage, cherries, berries, purple potatoes, plums, radicchio and red berries. They have a strong anti-aging effect and can reduce fat accumulation on the hips and abdomen by stimulating the metabolism.

Turmeric contains CURCUMIN, which has an antioxidative and liver cleansing effect. Curcumin also has antidepressant properties and can therefore support us in critical phases of life - without any side effects!

We find RESVERATOL mainly in red grapes and berries (especially in blueberries and blackberries). This active ingredient promotes the repair of age-related cell damage or caused by chronic systemic inflammation.

EPIGALLOCATECHINGALLAT is the active ingredient of green tea, a molecule with antioxidative, diuretic and detoxifying properties that also fulfils important repair functions and counteracts degeneration in the tissues.

As you can see, these are all everyday foods, however, do make sure to enjoy them in the right season and in the right amount.

In my next video you will discover more about PHYSICAL ACTIVITY and MOTION.