The 5 primordial elements:
The nutrition - Part 1

How our nutrition affects our internal rhythms, our hormone system and above all our gene expression.


Today we will speak about the second element, which is NUTRITION. Latest research shows how certain foods affect our internal rhythms, our hormone system and above all our gene expression, which is our DNA.

Hippocrates (460 BC) already said: "Food is your medicine" - and rightly so. Science has proven how deep nutrition influences our biology and physiology, the production of hormones and especially our DNA. Food is the most powerful pharmaceutical that humans have at their disposal: it prevents and cures diseases like obesity, diabetes, cardio-vascular disfunctions, tumors and much more.

In this short video, I will outline some guidelines that will help you reduce your weight and keep it long-term, feel light and vital, and also improve your appearance.


When we talk about nutrition, we are talking about quality and quantity, as well as the ideal time of food intake and its preparation.



Through the evolution of the human being over the last thousands of years, its hormonal rhythm and the rhythm of its autonomous nervous system ANV have coined around the day and night cycle:  During the day we need much energy for all our activities that are also supported by certain ANV and hormonal actions, whereas during the second part of the day we are in a state of recovery of the ANV and hormones, thus the energy consumption decreases notably. This is why we need a substantial breakfast and lunch and only a lighter dinner.


When speaking about nutrition, we refer to the quality, quantity and time of intake. The following guidelines shall help us maintain a normal weight, fell light and well:


  • Quality: fresh, seasonal fruits and vegetables instead of processed and overcooked food
  • Quantity: depends on our gender, age, activity: At lunch, for instance, a plate should be filled half with raw or cooked vegetables, 1/4 with carbs (pasta, bread, rice, quinoa etc.) and 1/4 with proteins (animal or plant). At dinner the plate should be filled 3/4 with vegetables and 1/4 with proteins. 2 spoons of extra virgin olive oil will complete our plate at lunch and dinner. Fresh fruit, nuts and almonds are excellent snacks in between. 


Now, there is another essential aspect: QUALITY. In today's world, the calorie concept is considered outdated; we are rather talking about the vital substance content of food. So, we are concerned with the question: how much energy is there in certain food and what influence does it have on our biological system?


We know that specific foods can activate so-called longevity genes and thereby slow down or even inhibit the process of aging. On the other hand, if our diet is unbalanced or if meals are eaten at the wrong time, gerontogens are activated. These are the genes that accelerate the aging process. That is why we say yes to fresh seasonal fruits and vegetables, to natural foods that have not been cooked or processed for too long and no to fast food, to carbonated drinks and to foods that contain artificial preservation and colouring.


Above all, we should never forget that water is the most important “nutrient”. It is rich in minerals and essential for all biological functions. The guide value for daily water intake is 3-5% of our body weight.


My next video is about longevity food. You will find out which foods activate genes that keep you young, powerful and vital