Anti aging for hands

Rejuvenating treatments for youthful hands


Rejuvenating treatments for youthful hands

In the ever-raging struggle against ageing, our effort is equally divided between preserving the youthfulness of face and neck skin and keeping the body fit and vital through exercise. Yet our beauty rituals often overlook an important part of the body: our hands. The contrast between a youthful face and body and weathered, neglected hands is a merciless tell-tale sign of a person’s real age. 

For this reason, hand skincare has become an essential part of the contemporary approach to global anti-ageing and is now considered just as important as face skincare. 


The hands, our other birth certificate

The skin on the back of our hands is particularly vulnerable to the passing of time: it is more sensitive and ages faster. From age 30 onwards, it becomes thinner and more fragile and the loss of elasticity and volume makes tendons and blood vessels more evident. In addition, daily exposure to external agents like heat, cold, UV rays, mechanical stress, detergents and chemicals contributes to the ageing process. 

Luckily, the latest scientific developments are offering us a wide range of treatments and techniques to combat the signs of ageing and give our hands a smooth, youthful and well-groomed appearance.


The best hand rejuvenation treatments

Pulsed light is without doubt one of the most effective technologies currently available for the safe and practically painless removal of skin spots. The absorption of pulsed light triggers the destruction of pigment particles, which are reabsorbed and subsequently eliminated from the body. In some cases, one single treatment session is enough to give the  skin of the hands a more even, youthful and fresh appearance.

Biorevitalisation is another popular treatment, consisting of the injection of resorbable active substances like amino acids, vitamins E and A, free hyaluronic acid, placenta extracts and nucleotides that promote skin regeneration. These substances stimulate fibroblasts (connective tissue cells) to produce elastin. As a result, hand skin appears smoother, firmer and younger, making the underlying blood vessels and tendons less evident. The number of yearly sessions required is usually between 5 and 7, initially at shorter intervals that gradually grow longer as the number of sessions increases. 

As a third option, a variety of medical peels may be used to promote cell renewal and visibly improve skin appearance. 

This approach, however, requires a combination of different treatments to address all the various factors involved in skin ageing for optimal results.

During a preliminary medical appointment, I will evaluate your specific requirements and expectations to determine the best strategy for a natural-looking result.

MD Michele Bianchini, Specialist in aesthetic medicine and surgery