ADLER MED presents:
MD Rodolfo Toscano

ADLER MED presents: MD Rodolfo Toscano


Acknowledging the overall picture to offer tailored therapies: Dr. Rodolfo Toscano, MD, a welcome addition to our team of experts at ADLER Med, explains his approach.

Welcome to ADLER Med, Dr. Toscano. What made you move from your native town of Acireale, at the foot of Mt. Etna, to the heart of the Dolomites?

During a holiday in Val Gardena, I had the chance to visit an ADLER Resort with its Med and Spa centres. Having noticed the welcoming atmosphere that inspired a sense of well-being, and the bright smiles all around, I thought: “This is a place where a holistic health concept is more than just an empty hype – here, they take it seriously”.


In other words, you found a congenial place to live up to your vocation as a holistic medical practitioner?

I am a medical doctor with highly specialised training in dental surgery. Due to the complexity of the human body, medical science is naturally a very broad field; therefore, medical knowledge has been increasingly divided into specialised sectors. Not without benefits, of course: a large number of health complaints can now be optimally treated by highly specialised doctors with an in-depth knowledge of their specific field. This kind of compartmentalisation, however, has its limits: practitioners tend to focus on single organs and signs and symptoms, rather than considering the person as a whole. Nevertheless, when it comes to promoting healing and restoring a good balance, I find it very important to keep sight of the full picture, including the emotional aspects that are part and parcel of human nature.


Here at ADLER Med, your focus is on the prevention and treatment of common issues such as gastro-intestinal conditions, obesity, allergies and chronic fatigue. What’s your approach in dealing with these complaints?

These conditions are often connected to today’s hectic lifestyle. Their prevention and treatment both require an approach that identifies the appropriate therapeutic strategy based on the patient’s general situation as well as their specific problem or symptom. The objective is to promote the body’s natural process of self-regulation and self-healing. That’s why it is necessary to take into account all aspects of the patient’s life, including any stressors and emotions that may be consuming their vital energy and have repercussions on their immune response.


Speaking of stress: the state of uncertainty, fear and mistrust we are now experiencing due to the COVID pandemic can be considered a stressor.

Yes, and just when we need our immune system to be in tip-top shape instead! Stress causes our body to go into “emergency mode”, where stress hormones – adrenaline and cortisol – and counter-regulatory hormones such as glucagon and vasopressin are released. These hinder our immune response and, in the long run, weaken our body, making it more vulnerable to external agents. Luckily, stressful situations can be managed with the help of natural remedies and simple techniques that increase resilience and help to maintain a positive mindset.


What methods will you use to help people recover their energy and serenity?

ADLER Med offers specific programmes that are specially designed to manage and abate stress. These include trailblazing diagnostics and a wide range of restorative therapies and revitalising treatments, as well as bio-feedback tools and bespoke coaching programmes.


There are also particular techniques that help to relax the mind. How do they work, and what benefits can be expected?

It’s a series of relaxation techniques that can induce positive alterations at a physical, mental and emotional level through the power of imagination, controlled breathing and body awareness. The great advantage of these techniques is that we can use them whenever we need to achieve a state of calmness, balance and focus. They have deep-reaching and long-lasting effects, and it does not take long to learn them.


What is your favourite technique?

I can say from personal experience that autogenic training is a potent tool for stress management and against sleep disorders. But it’s not the only one – other equally valid techniques include meditation, the Jacobson method, yoga and more. Relaxation is very subjective and there is no one-size-fits-all technique. From an expert viewpoint, it’s important to work with the patient to determine the method that best meets not only their needs, objectives and time constraints, but also their personality traits.


In other words, there are several options that need to be chosen case by case...

Exactly. Additionally, any therapy is made more effective when paired with a healthy diet, regular exercise and, if necessary, the intake of food supplements. For instance, the ADLER Med experts have developed a range of potent phytocomplexes that can protect cells from oxidative stress and, just like our therapies, are tailored to specific needs!


Thank you for this interview, Dr. Toscano. We hope you enjoy your work here with us!