ADLER MED Cuisine - Where nutritional science meets the culinary art


When it comes to ADLER’s most sought-after health packages, detox and slimming programmes have been at the top of the list for years. Their tangible, long-lasting effects make them great favourites among our guests. For those who wish to cleanse their bodies and get into their best shape, the key element besides spa treatments and medical therapies is healthy nutrition. So, let’s find out more about our experts’ nutrition plans – what principles and guidelines inform them and what goals they are designed to achieve. 

The ADLER MED Cuisine is based on solid scientific evidence in the field of nutritional medicine. It builds upon the many years of experience under the belt of our team of physicians and experts in healthy nutrition, who all agree that there is no such thing as the “perfect diet”. It is all about individual circumstances and needs. This is why the path towards health-conscious nutrition must involve a personalised diet plan drawn up on the basis of a physical examination performed by your physician. Your tailored menu should take into account not only any food allergies and intolerances you may suffer from, but also your personal preferences (or aversions).  

Changing your eating habits should never be perceived as a sacrifice – which would be nothing but stressful and frustrating – but rather as an act of self-love. Designed to pamper even the most discerning palates, our nutritionally balanced dishes allow you to take good care of your health without missing out on the joy of a delectable meal. Regular check-ups are performed throughout the treatment course to ensure your dietary plan is constantly updated to your evolving requirements.   

Balance and variety, in tune with your natural rhythm  

The staples of our nutrition plans are threefold: the right balance of macro and micro-nutrients with a limited calorie intake, plenty of antioxidants, and regular meals taken at the right time of day 

In addition to promoting detoxification and weight loss, the ADLER MED Cuisine also has anti-inflammatory effects and helps to restore a healthy acid-alkaline balance. This is achieved through a wide variety of vegetables from organic farming that are rich in vitamins, minerals and trace elements. We take the greatest care in striking the right balance between the complex carbohydrates found in fibre-rich cereals and non-acidifying proteins. For the latter, we favour legumes, fish and occasionally lean meat from sustainably farmed chickens and turkeys. Our nutrition plans also include lactose-free products that are rich in health-promoting fats, which provide the body with the energy it needs to function properly. Such fats are found in nuts, seeds, omega3-rich fish and vegetable oils such as the organic olive oil from our own estate in Tuscany. To enhance the flavour of our dishes, we forego salt in favour of specific spices and herbs chosen to promote digestion and stimulate metabolism, including the aromatic herbs from our own garden. The only foods that are entirely excluded from our treatment plans are coffee, black tea, alcoholic beverages, red meats and excessive amounts of animal proteins. 

Equally important within the ADLER MED dietary concept is to eat regular meals at the right time. This helps to restore healthy circadian rhythms with positive effects on sleep quality. The daily programme includes an energising breakfast, a nutritious lunch and a light, cleansing dinner, as well as an energy booster half-way through the morning, alkaline water with a homeopathic treatment in the afternoon, and food supplements to support the excretory functions. 

Noticeable benefits within days 

The gradual change in eating habits allows the organs to regenerate, producing positive effects in a matter of days. As your metabolism and digestion improve, you feel lighter and more in tune with your body. After 7 to 10 days, body fat is reduced, energy levels increase, your skin looks healthier and you experience a noticeable boost in immune response, memory and focus. At the same time, stress hormone levels decrease. All these benefits help to increase motivation and keep up your new, healthy habits. 

The programme ends with a final medical consultation, in which you are given a nutritional plan for home that takes into account your lifestyle and daily routine. If desired, we are happy to provided continued remote assistance in the months following your visit. 


Dr Colomba Aura Romeo, MD