Holistic health resorts in exclusive ambiences


Health is our most precious asset. The ADLER MED Balance & ADLER Thermae health resorts make it easier to invest in your health by offering premium therapeutic programmes and medical services – tailored to your needs and delivered with tactful professionalism in an exclusive atmosphere. With ADLER MED, taking care of your well-being becomes a uniquely rewarding experience.


New at the ADLER MED

GENETIC TESTING: Looking into our gene pool

How much do we know about our health?

Genetic tests help to provide a better understanding of patients’ general state of health to identify potential imbalances and to improve their quality of life. Based on test results, the physician tailors the therapy, lifestyle adjustments and nutritional plan as part of a personalised, preventive approach.

from € 390 at ADLER Spa Resort BALANCE, Ortisei

holistic medicine

Appointments without delay

The ADLER MED centres guarantee appointments without delay for your tailored therapeutic programme. 

medical care

Laboratory tests on the premises

At the ADLER MED laboratories we perform tests and analysis for precise diagnosis. 



holistic medicine
Outpatient service or healthy holiday

You can choose whether to take advantage of the ADLER MED services as an outpatient or as part of a well-rounded healthy holiday.

holistic medicine
Medical assistance & Follow-up service

Our medical staff will assist you throughout your stay. In addition, we offer the possibility of medical after-care services.

team of doctors
Competent specialists

You will be cared for by highly qualified doctors and therapists – a team of specialists in various fields working in a professional yet personal and relaxed atmosphere.

health resort
A modern, exclusive environment

Prestigious interiors, medical facilities equipped to the latest standards, and quiet, comfortable retreats inspire a sense of well-being at all times.

  • Appointments without delay
  • Laboratory tests on the premises
  • Outpatient service or healthy holiday
  • Medical assistance & Follow-up service
  • Competent specialists
  • A modern, exclusive environment



The ADLER MED health concept follows a holistic approach that focuses on personalised counselling and assistance – an approach that rests on what we believe are the three pillars of health: nutrition, physical exercise and relaxation.




With medical programmes ranging from prevention to stress reduction, and from fitness to aesthetic medicine, we are able to address any specific area of concern. For this purpose, we have developed a medically-supervised concept divided into six different areas of medical specialisms, each including a diversified range of targeted services. Our expert physicians and therapists devote themselves to understanding your specific needs and accompany you on your journey towards better health and long-term well-being. In order to meet your every wish and requirement, we rely both on all-round therapeutic programmes and single modules that can be combined to match your preferences.  We are at your side to help you boost your vitality, improve your quality of life and lay the foundations for a healthier lifestyle.


A detoxifying cure frees the body of toxins and cell debris that accumulate in the tissues, restoring lightness and well-being


Natural and healthy programmes for lasting weight loss, greater vitality and enhanced physical well-being


Effective stress management strategies to enhance relaxation, regenerate the mind and achieve inner peace


Establishing your state of health is the first step towards a personalised health and prevention plan


Gentle solutions for natural, harmonious beauty that radiates from within

ADLER MED health news

Our medical team are continuously developing and updating their knowledge and skills to ensure consistently high-quality services. Here is a selection of news and articles to help you keep abreast of the latest developments in the health and wellness field.

The ultimate health holiday

Our holistic health concept combines conventional medicine with complementary therapies, advanced prevention strategies and naturopathic diagnostics.

health resort ADLER Balance, South Tyrol
ADLER Balance, South Tyrol

Framed by the impressive peaks of the Dolomites, ADLER Balance is a stylish retreat for a premium spa & wellness experience – a unique combination of professional medical care, white-glove service, and sun-drenched panoramas. 

160821_JFD_82 ADLER Thermae, Tuscany
ADLER Thermae, Tuscany

Tucked away in the enchanting Tuscan countryside, the ADLER Thermae resort offers an unparalleled combination of thermal spa, medical excellence, unspoilt nature and Mediterranean accents. A retreat that invites you to unwind and regenerate. A timeless destination for a time-stopping experience.

Our guests' opinion

Competent medical supervision, every step of the detoxification process explained in detail, and a personalised programme for the whole week. 

I felt I was being taken seriously and was never treated like a number. I was impressed and really appreciated all the support I was given. Thank you!

ADLER MED Programme: ADLER MED Detox Intensive

Brigitta, Zurich, Switzerland

During my therapy at the Adler Medical Center I received excellent medical care. The doctor took plenty of time to identify and deal with my needs and issues. 

I felt well cared for and would book another ADLER MED therapy at any time. I definitely recommend it. 

ADLER MED Programme: ADLER MED Detox Intensive

Erika, St. Gallen, Switzerland

I have been under Dr. Santini’s care at ADLER MED for years now and am totally impressed by the attentive staff and quality of medical care offered. Thank you! 

ADLER MED Programme:
 long-term patient of Dr. Santini for improvement of my general well-being

Bruno, Ortisei/St.Ulrich, Italy